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Online Purchase Conditions

The Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre - Real Casa de la Moneda, with NIF (tax no.) Q-2826004-J, is a public corporation pursuant to Article 103 and subsequent articles of Law 40/2015, of 1 October, on Rules Governing the Public Sector. It is also an instrumental resource of the General Government Administration (AGE), with registered address at Calle Jorge Juan 106, postcode 28009, Madrid.


Please read these purchase conditions carefully, as they represent the legal regulations pertaining to the operations transacted between the FÁBRICA NACIONAL DE MONEDA Y TIMBRE-REAL CASA DE LA MONEDA (hereinafter FNMT-RCM) and parties interested in the various products (hereinafter consumers) displayed on the entity’s commercial website. The commercial use of the website and the submission of any registration or purchase forms implies total acceptance of the purchase conditions.

Reading and accepting the purchase conditions prior to purchase is an essential prerequisite for buying any product through

You may contact us for any questions or clarifications by calling us on 91 566 65 42 (customer service hours: weekdays 10 AM - 8 PM; Saturdays and Sundays: 10 AM - 2 PM) or by sending an email to

The products offered by this service are intended for individual consumers in the terms and conditions outlined by Law 7/1996, of 15 January, on the Management of Retail Trade, as well as under Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, which approved the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, and Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on information and e-commerce society services, as well as other related regulations.

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Power to modify these conditions

FNMT-RCM reserves the right to modify the commercial offerings on its website at any time. These modifications may affect products, prices, offers and other commercial conditions and services. This may be for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, increases in the price of precious metals used in minting. Modifications will not apply to purchases that have already been completed.

Completed purchases shall be understood as those in which the consumer has unequivocally and satisfactorily purchased a product through the FNMT-RCM’s virtual store.

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Electronic operation security

The FNMT-RCM strongly recommends that all purchasers and interested parties use electronic systems that provide the highest possible levels of security for operations that are performed online, particularly those identified by the various providers of these services on their respective websites. Likewise, the FNMT-RCM will not be responsible for any failures, irregularities caused by computer viruses, third-party attacks, losses of service or negligent actions by users of the computers used to make online purchases.

The FNMT-RCM will not be held liable for unauthorised and/or fraudulent activities caused by violations of the purchase conditions and security recommendations incumbent on transactions made through the entity.

1. Online sales

Users of the website maintained by the FNMT-RCM will have the right to access, freely and free of charge, the public information and general purchase conditions found on the site.

To complete a purchase, interested parties must first register with the website Registration is essential in order to identify the purchasers and allow them to purchase the products that they wish to acquire, at which point they must follow the subsequent steps of the purchase process, which are set out on our website

When the purchase process is complete, a request will be sent electronically to the FNMT-RCM for processing. During this time, the necessary levels of confidentiality and security will be maintained in conformity with the state of the art. For informational purposes, the purchaser will receive email confirmation that their request has been received and will be processed. This confirmation will indicate the products acquired and the total cost of the purchase, shipping and handling (tax included), as well as the legal conditions of the purchase and a cancellation form.

2. Data protection

Any processing of personal data that may be carried out as a consequence of registration on this website must observe the provisions established in (EU) REGULATION 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL, of 27 April 2016, on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, which supersedes Directive 95/46/CE (General data protection regulation) and, wherever it does not contradict the above, Spanish regulations on data protection.

Data processed by the FNMT-RCM is public information and a Processing Activity Register (RAT) has been created. It can be found at the following link:

In accordance with the regulations listed above, and in order to better manage the commercial relationship between data subjects and the FNMT-RCM, data subjects are hereby informed that their data will be recorded in data processing register no. 11 and may be consulted at the following link:

Third party access to data

The data collected may be communicated to banks and credit entities in order to complete the process of purchasing the products offered on the website. These data will appear under activity no. 11 of the Processing Activity Register (RAT) of the FNMT-RCM, which can be found at the link indicated above:

If the consumer explicitly agrees to be sent offers and promotional material about FNMT-RCM products, their data will be treated as part of activity no. 12 of the RAT, which can be found at the following link:

Likewise, data subjects are hereby informed that they can exercise their rights to access, rectification, suppression, opposition and limitation of processing; the party responsible for this processing is the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre-Real Casa de la Moneda. The registered address of the said Entity is Calle Jorge Juan nº 106, 28071 Madrid. You may exercise your rights by sending a written request to the General Register of the FNMT-RCM, providing your information and national ID number or any other form of governmental identification, or by sending an email to the following email address:

3. Method of payment

The total price is given at including all corresponding taxes and fees under applicable law. Once the order has been created, the purchaser may freely choose to pay for their purchases by any permitted method (credit card accepted by the FNMT-RCM or bank transfer).

In certain cases, to prevent possible fraud, the FNMT-RCM reserves the right to request that a purchaser or purchasers use a specific method of payment if the identity of the purchaser is not duly confirmed. Likewise, the FNMT-RCM recommends that if credit cards are used, security policies that insure the purchaser against possible fraudulent sales also be used.

Although the FNMT-RCM applies appropriate security measures to its electronic transactions, it cannot completely guarantee that frauds will not occur, for example through phishing, pharming or other types of cybercrime using online identity theft or fraudulent information capture. The FNMT-RCM cannot be held liable in these cases.

4. Delivery method and time

The FNMT-RCM will deliver the purchased products within the following periods, barring unforeseen circumstances:

  • Mainland Spain 5 business days from confirmation of receipt of payment.
  • Balearic Islands 6 business days after confirmation of receipt of payment.
  • Canary Islands 9 business days from the confirmation of receipt of payment.
  • Ceuta and Melilla 9 business days from confirmation of receipt of payment.
  • International 10-15 working days (depending on the destination) after confirmation of receipt of payment.

If the product is not received or there are extraordinary delays in delivery (a maximum for 30 days after the purchase is formally completed) and this is attributable to the FNMT-RCM, the purchaser will have the right to cancel the purchase and be reimbursed for any sums already paid.

The FNMT-RCM reserves the right to cancel any order and reimburse the purchaser for any sums already paid if stock runs out and the client cannot accept any similar product.

If the purchaser cancels the order through any of the means provided for the same, they will then proceed to return the product and the FNMT-RCM will proceed to reimburse the purchaser for determined portions of the purchase and delivery costs, without prejudice to the fact that any extraordinary expense beyond the indicated sums will be payable by the purchaser. However, the above will be understood without prejudice to the right to request damages if the purchaser sees fit.

Products are sent insured against damages, theft, loss and unauthorised handling during transport until the purchaser receives them.

Later modifications to the delivery location requested by the purchaser may incur additional costs on top of the sale price; these will be payable in their entirety by the purchaser.

A delivery company will deliver the products to the purchaser along with a dispatch note bearing the information needed to identify the purchaser, order number and products list (or, where appropriate, the collections and products contained).

If the purchaser finds problems in the products received or if they are visibly damaged, they must notify the FNMT-RCM of this situation as soon as possible. They may do so by calling, sending a fax or emailing customer service, whose information is listed on the website, or by writing to the registered address of the FNMT-RCM (Sales Department/ Collection Coins, c/Jorge Juan 106, 28009, Madrid). This should be done as soon as possible, and at maximum within two months of the delivery.

5. Warranties

Warranties for products sold by the FNMT-RCM through their website are established exclusively by the entity as the manufacturer and official mint and/or, where appropriate, by the manufacturers and/or creators of the products. Likewise, handling, packaging and storage conditions are managed with particular care according to the nature of the numismatic and other products offered by the FNMT-RCM’s “Museum Shop”. Where permitted and specified by the product, the FNMT-RCM will attach warranty certificates to be sent with the various packages and/or products.

In the case of numismatic products offered by the FNMT-RCM that are originals, as well as coins from official collections (also called commemorative coins), the purchaser will always receive a guarantee of authenticity, as well as a guarantee that the raw materials used (blanks: normally discs of precious metals and other raw materials) are from top manufacturers and are therefore of the highest quality.

The fact that the FNMT-RCM is performing these sales online does not imply that the products are defective or of lower quality. The FNMT-RCM will inform buyers if the product for sale is from an exhibition or other situation that could affect product quality.

In accordance with the foregoing, the purchaser holds a complete warranty on all FNMT-RCM products covering any anomalies in the product (product return and replacement at no cost).

For any complaints or claims, or to request any information, the consumer may contact us by calling 91 566 65 42 (customer service hours: weekdays 10 AM - 8 PM; Saturdays and Sundays: 10 AM - 2 PM) or by sending an email to They may also send a letter by post to the following address:

Tienda Virtual de la FNMT-RCM (Departamento Comercial/Monedas de colección)

Calle Jorge Juan nº 106, 

28071 Madrid

FNMT-RCM undertakes to answer any complaints received as soon as possible, and at the latest within a month of when the complaint was made.

To return the product, the purchaser will have the following options:

  • Bring the defective product and its accompanying official certificates (as well as the packaging where possible) to a Museum Shop, Calle del Doctor Esquerdo nº 36 (28009 Madrid) for possible replacement.
  • Directly contact the FNMT-RCM by email: so the following process can take place: the return of the product/re-sending of a replacement by delivery service, or reimbursement of the sum paid.

FNMT-RCM will provide mediation services to its clients for the products offered on its website belonging to other manufacturers, effectively guaranteeing that the purchaser’s warranty is honoured according to the relevant terms.

To request the warranty be honoured, you must present:

  • Receipt of purchase from the FNMT-RCM.
  • Where possible, the packaging and original contents in good condition (official certificates of characteristics, quality, etc.).

In all cases, the series number of the product to be replaced must match that recorded in the files of the FNMT-RCM. Likewise, if the piece is an integral part of a collection, the FNMT-RCM will require the entire collection unless otherwise specified. The warranty will not be valid if the damage has resulted from causes not attributable to the FNMT-RCM, deterioration caused by elements external to the products and/or packaging (boxes, wallets, etc.), abnormal or negligent use or storage, placement in boxes other than the original, exposure to water, fire or high temperature, etc.

The warranty for irregularities begins on the date of delivery and is good for the legally required term of two years, as specified in Article 123 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, which approved the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws. Once 6 months have passed from the delivery date, it is incumbent on the purchaser to certify (provide proof of) defects in the delivered products.

6. Possibility of cancellation

In accordance with the provisions of Article 102 and the following articles of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, which approved the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, the purchaser will have the right to cancel the completed purchase within 14 calendar days of receipt of the product without the need to provide any reason and without incurring any additional cost beyond that specified for extraordinary expenses beyond basic shipping specified in the contract conditions previously agreed to or due to handling damage to the product for which the purchaser is responsible.

Once the FNMT-RCM has been notified of the cancellation, a courier will pick up the products at the same address where the delivery was made and take them to our facilities. To pick up the products, a date will be arranged with the buyer within 14 days following the date of cancellation and, invariably, within with the non-extendable period of 30 calendar days from the notice of withdrawal. The buyer shall ensure that the packaging and sealing of the product is suitable for transport. The courier may refuse to pick up the product if the transport packaging is insufficient to ensure proper shipping.

FNMT-RCM will first check that the products to be returned are in perfect condition and have not been damaged in any way other than by the transport and by the purchaser's opening of the products. It will then reimburse the amounts through the same method of payment used to make the purchase, discounting the costs associated with the return (transport, insurance and, where appropriate, customs management costs). The purchaser will be charged for any damage beyond that described above.

Reimbursement costs may vary depending on the type of product and its destination. It is estimated that these costs amount to a maximum of approximately EUR 50

If the product(s) are lost or delayed for reasons not attributable to the purchaser, the sums paid for the products will be returned once sufficient proof of the attempted return of the same has been provided.

To exercise the right to cancellation, the purchaser must complete the cancellation form provided at the time of purchase and send it as a letter or via email. They can also send the following purchase cancellation form online through the FNMT-RCM website; the FNMT-RCM would like to note that this last method is the quickest way to process the cancellation.

7. Industrial and intellectual property rights; administrative authorisations

The signs, logos, icons, brands and other items of industrial and intellectual property on the FNMT-TCM website belong to the entity and/or (where relevant) third-party licensees of the same. All rights are exclusively reserved to their legal owners. As a result, any unauthorised use or manipulation of the same is prohibited. The FNMT-RCM reserves the right to take appropriate legal action in such cases.

The FNMT-RCM would also like to inform purchasers of its products that, by acquiring said products, they acquire the ownership of the physical substance of the products, not the linked industrial or intellectual property rights. Purchasing products does not mean or include licence or authorisation to use the designs, images, official signs and other items found on the product or pertaining to the entity or other entities, Spanish or otherwise. These rights belong to the FNMT-RCM or are licensed or reserved for use in the corresponding official production.

The modification or alteration of numismatic products for uses or ends other than those for which they were initially intended, as well as for their use for promotional or commercial purposes, is subject to approval by the relevant bodies, normally processed and/or authorised by the Dirección General del Tesoro y Política Financiera, a division of the Ministerio de Economía y Hacienda and/or Banco de España; it is therefore advisable that the relevant enquiries be made. For more information, please visit the website

8. Applicable law and ruling jurisdiction

Purchases made through the FNMT-RCM are subject to Spanish law. The website provides a summary of some relevant laws pertaining to interested parties and purchasers.

Where there are differences in interpretation caused by the existence of different versions in languages other than Spanish, the Spanish version will always take precedence over other versions.

When the purchaser is a citizen of an EU member state and is a private citizen rather than a businessperson, if there is any conflict or discrepancy, the applicable law code will be that of the Courts in the purchaser’s home jurisdiction, and/or those of the location where the contract was fulfilled if the purchaser’s address is not in Spain. If the purchaser does not hold EU citizenship, the client will submit to Spanish law and the jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid (capital).

The FNMT-RCM may establish consumer arbitration as a conflict resolution mechanism; in such case, this will be the ordinary way to resolve discrepancies.

9. Complaints

Complaint forms are available to users of the Museum’s online shop; these may be completed at the physical museum shop of the Museo de la Casa de la Moneda (Calle Doctor Esquerdo nº 36, 28028 Madrid).

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