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On the occasion of the commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of Pablo Ruiz Picasso, the Royal Mint of Spain dedicates a collection of commemorative coins to the Spanish painter, the inimitable creator of the various currents that revolutionized the visual arts of the 20th century.

On the reverse is a reproduction of the work titled "Weeping Woman's Head with Handkerchief (III)", painted by Pablo Picasso in 1937, which is preserved in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, in Madrid.

On the obverse a detail of the Portrait of Pablo Picasso in a white sweater in his studio Le Fournas, Vallauris, taken by the photographer Edward Quinn in 1953, is reproduced.

Information about the Coin
Shape Square  
Series Picasso Fiftieth Anniversary  
Year 2023  
Colour Yes  
Quality Proof  
Face Value (Euro) 10
Size (mm) 36 X 36  
Alloy (‰) 999  
Metal Silver  
Weight (g) 31.41  
Maximum Mintage (units) 10,000  


One of the central motifs linked to Guernica are the effigies known colloquially as "weeping women", inspired by the physiognomy of Dora Maar. These portraits would be the most reiterated compositions by the artist once the great mural was completed, on June 4, 1937. In these representations, Pablo Picasso introduces at least three formal variations with respect to Guernica itself, the first of which are the tears, which flow down the deformed female faces, and which did not appear on the emblematic canvas. Another element, also absent in Guernica, is the handkerchief that wipes away those tears, and finally, along with the two iconographic motifs mentioned, Picasso includes a third formal aspect, a very vivid color, which stands as the protagonist of these compositions and which contrasts with the chromatic range of the large mural, resolved, as is known, through white, gray and black tones. The "weeping woman" would become a recurring motif in Picasso's production even until the 1940s, linking with the stylistic cycle initiated by the painter in 1937 when he undertook the famous painting.