For those collectors who have already acquired the first four coins of the "History of Navigation" series (Phoenician combat ship, training ship Elcano, Spanish ship and Scandinavian drakkar), the Royal Mint of Spain offers the possibility of subscribing to the remaining 16 coins.

This subscription to the collection "History of Navigation", consists of the four deliveries in the year 2019, of four coins each, which are sent monthly.

1st delivery: Greek War trireme, Spanish oiler Patiño, Spanish cruiser Carlos V and Chinese sampan.

2nd delivery: caravel, 17th century Spanish galley, 14th century ship and Spanish LHD Juan Carlos I.

3rd delivery: Roman War bireme, nao Victoria, 17th century Spanish galleon and Spanish ironclud Numancia.

4th delivery: 18th century Spanish xebec, Spanish schooner, submarine Galerna and BIO Hesperides.

Click on this link to see the specifications of the coins.
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