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On the obverse an image of two CASA C-101 Aviojet aircraft is reproduced in color. At the top, the legend CASA C-101 AVIOJET. At the bottom, the legend ESPAÑA and the year of minting 2020 appear. The motifs and legends are surrounded by geometric figures symbolizing the shapes of the clouds.

On the reverse (common to all the pieces), the image of a two-bladed propeller is reproduced; above, the legend HISTORY OF AVIATION; below the central image, the value of the 1.5 EURO coin and the mint mark. Outside the central circle, the images of two turbines are reproduced, separated from each other by lines.

Information about the Coin
Series History of Aviation  
Year 2020  
Colour Yes  
Diameter (mm) 33  
Face Value (Euro) 1.5
Metal Cupronickel  
Weight (g) 15  


Seeking to find a replacement for the aircraft employed by the Air Force as basic training craft (essentially the North American T-6 and the Spanish HA-200 Saeta), in the mid- 1970s the Air Force Ministry commissioned CASA to come up with the design of a new model, which became the C-101.

The first of the four prototypes built flew for the first time on 27 June 1977 from Getafe. In total the Air Force acquired 88 units of the C-101EB version –which it denominated E.25– and which it received between March 1980 and December 1983.

They served, and continue to serve, in the Air Force Academy (793 Squadron and Águila Air Patrol) as well as in 41 Group, then 741 Squadron of the Matacán Group of Schools.

Of the C-101BB version (with TFE 731-3 engine, 1,680 kg maximum thrust) 16 units were exported to the Air Force of Jordan, 14 to the Air Force of Chile and four to the Air Force of Honduras, and of the C-101CC (with TFE731-5 engine, 2,130 kg maximum thrust) 23 to the Air Force of the Andean country.

Since June 1985 the C-101EB is the aircraft of the “Patrulla Águila” Air Patrol, the ambas- sador of Spanish military aviation beyond our borders, which began its exhibitions with four aircraft and currently does so with seven.


Length: 12.5 m

Wingspan: 10.6 m

Height: 4.25 m

Maximum take-off weight: 5,600 kg


Maximum speed: 740 km/h Cruise speed: 620 km/h Maximum range: 3,400 km


One Garret TFE731-2-2J engine with 1,590 kg maximum thrust