The obverse (common to the five pieces) shows the UNESCO logo accompanied, right, for the official emblem of the World Heritage Convention.

The reverse shows an image of the main facade of Jabalquinto, today the Campus Antonio Machado, International University of Andalusia. Baeza.

Baeza, declared WORLD HERITAGE CITY since 2003, is located in the centre of the province of Jaen.

Baeza was definitely conquered in 1227 by Fernando III. After the Re-conquest, the building techniques suffered great changes, most notably during the Renaissance, when Baeza reached its most unique constructive and cultural expressions,

Similarly, the co-existence of the Christian, Muslim and Jewish cultures favoured the creation of a space of freedom and the opening towards other influences, providing the World Heritage site with the originality of a form of artistic expression that was also popular in Latin America.

For all these reasons, the Monumental Ensemble of Baeza constitutes an early example of civil architecture and Renaissance city planning in the Spain of the 16th century, which has managed to preserve with dignity, values such as integrity and authenticity.
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