EUROPA STAR is a unique programme that brings together several European monetary institutes around a common theme.This year continues with the Baroque and Rococo period as we go back through the ages of Europe.


Three motifs are reproduced on the reverse side, framed in oval motifs. The upper oval reproduces a view of the main façade of Salamanca's Plaza Mayor; the right oval contains an image of the famous writer Lope de Vega; the lower left oval reproduces the portrait of the infanta Margarita, a detail of the painting of Velázquez's Meninas. In the lower part of the coin, horizontally, in two lines and in capital letters, the value of part 10 EURO and, to the left, the Mint mark.


The common side of the coin features an effigy of His Majesty King Philip VI , in the centre of the coin and inside a circle. To the left, in circular and capital letters, the legend FELIPE VI REY DE ESPAÑA; to the right, the year of issuance "2018". In the upper part of the coin, in circular and capital letters, BARROCO Y ROCOCÓ.

At the bottom of the coin appears the common logo adopted by the countries issuing coins dedicated to the Europe Programme.