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€27.27   (Taxes not incl.)

Ceuta was established as an autonomous city in 1995. It is a city where different cultures mix: Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Jews. The maximum circulation of this Euroset with coins minted in 2011 is 20,000 units.
Information about the Coin
Year 2011  
Quality No circulada  
Maximum Mintage (units) 20,000  

For this edition the blister packs containing the uncirculated Euro coins will include a medal in sterling silver featuring the coat-of-arms of Ceuta. Silver Medal - Autonomous City of Ceuta This medal in sterling silver is dedicated to Ceuta, an autonomous city belonging to Spain which accommodates a mix of different cultures: Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Jew. Ceuta has a history of over two thousand years and was inhabited at different times by many peoples: Carthaginians of Phoenician origin, Romans, Vandals, Visigoths, Byzantines, Berbers, Mauritanians, Arabs, Portuguese and Spaniards, to name a few. The founding of the city dates back to Roman times. It played an important role during the Moorish expansion into the Iberian Peninsula, and in the year 711 it was the port of entry for the troops that overpowered Tarifa. Centuries later it would belong to the Almoravid and the Almohad dynasties. Ceuta was incorporated into the Spanish Crown under Phillip II in 1580. It became an Autonomous City in 1995. The obverse of the medal displays the autonomous coat-of-arms. The reverse features the crowned letter "M", the Mint Mark of the Spanish Royal Mint.,, The maximum mint run for this Euroset of coins minted in 2011 is 20,000 units.