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EUROSET SPAIN 2023ID32107188



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This issue includes the collection of Spanish euro coins of the year 2023, presented in a limited edition, in a practical numbered blister pack that protects the coins and, at the same time, allows both sides of the coins to be perfectly visible.

The maximum mintage of this blister pack with coins minted in 2023 is 12,000 units.

This year the collection is accompanied by the 2 Euro commemorative coin, dedicated to the Old City of Cáceres, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986.

Information about the Coin
Series Euroset  
Year 2023  
Quality No Circulada  
Metal Base Metal  


In 2022 will be minted the commemorative coin of 2 Euro, dedicated to the Old City of Cáceres, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986.

2 Euro commemorative coin of the Old City of Cáceres.

In the city of Cáceres, the "Ciudad Monumental", "Ciudad Vieja de Cáceres" or "barrio de Intramuros" is the name given to the part of the old quarter of the city delimited on the outside by its walls.

With two millennia of history, this quarter was founded by the Romans as a colony called Norba Caesarina, and the wall was built to protect it.

After the settlement was abandoned during the period of the great migrations, it was recovered as a hisn during the Andalusian period.

The walled enclosure and the town of Cáceres were one and the same until the end of the 14th century, when, following the consolidation of the Reconquest, the Extramuros district was founded. 

The Intramuros district is internationally renowned for its great examples of stately and religious architecture built over the centuries. The Monumental City has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest since 1949 and a World Heritage Site since 1986.