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EUROSET SPAIN 2022ID32107181



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This issue includes the collection of the 2022 Spanish Euro circulation coins, presented in a limited edition blister pack that protects the coins and, at the same time, allows the perfect visualization of both sides of them.

This year the collection includes three 2 Euro commemorative coins dedicated to the Garajonay National Park, in the island of La Gomera (Canary Islands), to the Erasmus Programme and to the First Round-the-World Trip.

The maximum circulation of this Euroset is 12,000 units.

Information about the Coin
Series EUROSET  
Year 2022  
Quality No circulada  
Metal Base Metal  
Maximum Mintage (units) 12000  


Exceptionally, 3 commemorative 2 Euro coins have been minted in 2022 and are included in the Euroset 2022.


2 Euro commemorative coin - Garajonay National Park

The Garajonay National Park is a Spanish protected natural area that covers more than 10% of the surface of the island of La Gomera, in the autonomous community of the Canary Islands. It was declared a National Park in 1981 and was subsequently listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. Since 2012, the park has also been a Biosphere Reserve together with the whole island. It was declared a Biosphere Reserve because it is home to the best known example in the Old World of laurel forest, a humid forest of various evergreen species that covered practically all of Europe in the Tertiary period.


2 Euro commemorative coin - Erasmus Programme

2022 marks the 35th Anniversary of the Erasmus Programme, acronym of the official name in English, European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students, (European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students). European programme promoting educational mobility of students, as well as cooperation, quality, inclusion and equity, excellence, creativity and innovation through lifelong learning, educational, professional and personal development of individuals in the fields of education and training, youth and sport, within Europe, strengthening European identity, active citizenship and participation in democratic life.


2 Euro commemorative coin - First Roudn-the-World Trip

The year 2022 marks the 500th anniversary of the expedition's arrival in Spain, and a commemorative €2 coin has been minted to mark this event.

In 1519 Juan Sebastián de Elcano learned of the project being prepared by the Portuguese sailor Ferdinand Magellan to discover a route to the East Indies from the west and enlisted in Magellan's expedition. His experience as a seafarer earned him a relatively important position in the expedition: he was appointed master of the Concepción, one of the five ships that made up the squadron.

On 20 September 1519, the expedition left Sanlúcar de Barrameda and set sail to find the sea passage to the territories of the East Indies and to search for the way to the Spice Islands, the so-called westward route, which Christopher Columbus had already sought.

After Magellan's death in the Philippines in 1521, Juan Sebastián de Elcano was appointed captain of the ship Victoria and eventually took command of the return expedition. After crossing the Indian Ocean and circumnavigating Africa, he became the first person to complete the circumnavigation of the globe, as he managed to complete the expedition and reach the port of departure, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, on 6 September 1522 on the ship Victoria, together with 17 other survivors, which was an impressive feat for the time.