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>“March 8-Women's Day-Tribute to Emilia Pardo Bazán”.

On the occasion of the celebration of March 8-Women's Day and paying tribute to Emilia Pardo Bazán, a new collector's coin dedicated to these motifs is issued.

The obverse depicts a portrait of His Majesty King Felipe VI.

On the reverse, in the center of the coin, the symbol of the woman appears, within the which is framed a portrait of the Galician writer, published in the magazine “La Spanish and American illustration” of September 8, 1892.
Information about the Coin
Year 2021  
Colour Yes  
Diameter (mm) 40  
Face Value (Euro) 10
Alloy (‰) 925  
Metal Silver  
Weight (g) 28  
Maximum Mintage (units) 8000  

“March 8-Women's Day-Tribute to Emilia Pardo Bazán”.

Emilia Pardo Bazán y de la Rúa-Figueroa (16 September 1851 – 12 May 1921), countess of Pardo Bazán, was a Spanish novelist, journalist, literary critic, poet, playwright, translator, editor and professor.

She is known for introducing naturalism into Spanish literature, for her detailed descriptions of reality, and for her ground-breaking introduction of feminist ideas into the literature of her era. Her ideas about women's rights for education also made her a prominent feminist figure.