XII Iberian-American Series: Historical Trains

In 1992, the first Ibero-American series was issued. At that time, the simple fact that 14 countries agreed to mint a common series of coins with a common topic was a cultural, economic and political achievement.

To commemorate this union of cultures, the Ibero-American series was born and now, 28 years later, the collection has a place in the numismatic world.

The selected joint theme for the 12thissue of this series is “Historical Trains”.

The coins shows some classical trains of the seven different participating countries:
Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal and Spain.

The obverses of the coins depict the national coat of arms of the country that issue the coin surrounded by the remaining ones.

The reverses depict a classical train from each participating country:
A commemorative silver medal is included in the collection with the same technical specification as the coins.

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