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The exhibition La medalla, lenguaje de vanguardia is a retrospective of the tangible work of these 29 award-winning artists, all of them great plastic artists from Spain and Ibero-America, who received the Tomás Tomás to date, all of them great artists from Spain and Latin America, who received the Tomás Francisco Prieto Award.  Francisco Prieto Award.

Mythical names among the most renowned of the contemporary art scene, who bequeathed us their art on a medal and contributed to consolidate the award as a  contributed to consolidate the prize as an award of international renown and prestige. 

This exhibition and this folder serve as a tribute and a remembrance to this vanguard of award-winning artists, whose work is also part of the collection and history of the  the collection and history of our Museum.

Information about the Publication
ISBN 978-84-89157-95-8  
Publisher Museo Casa De La Moneda  


Tomás Francisco Prieto Awards

Tomás Francisco Prieto (Salamanca 1716- Madrid 1782) is considered a great master engraver and promoter of Spanish medallistics in the Enlightenment period.

The Tomás Francisco Prieto Prize, which is awarded annually to Spanish and Latin American artists in recognition of their personal and artistic trajectory, involves the design, by the winner, of a medal which is then minted by the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre-Real Casa de la Moneda.

The medal is minted in a limited edition of 225 units of copper, 40 units of silver, and only two in gold, and is presented and offered to H.M. the Queen on the day of the presentation of the Tomás Francisco Prieto Award to the next recipient.

The artists who have received the Tomás Francisco Prieto Award up to the date of publication of this catalog are Eduardo Chillida, Antoni Tapies, Antonio López García, Eduardo Arroyo, Pablo Palazuelo, Andreu Alfaro, Antonio Saura, José Luis Cuevas, Luis Gordillo, Carmen Laffón, Roberto Matta, Juan Barjola, Rafael Canogorría, Juan Barjola, Rafael Canogorría, Rafael Canogorría and Juan Barjola, Juan Barjola, Rafael Canogar, Antoni Clavé, Martín Chirino, Luis Feito, Albert Rafols Casamada, Pepe Hernández, Guillermo Pérez-Villalta, Eva Lootz, Alfredo Alcaín, Susana Solano, Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Cristina Iglesias, Jaume Plensa, Jose Maria Sicilia, Mitsuo Miura, Victoria Civera and Jose Manuel Broto.

With the granting of this award, the Royal Mint intends that Spanish medals be disseminated and have continuity, while at the same time attracting other artists to the world of medals and encouraging the public's interest in medals and their collection.